Music and Sound for interactive media



I'm not just another orchestra composer.  My music is guitar focused, whether it's rock, jazz, classical or metal.  If you want music that's different than the norm, I'm your guy!  

Sound Design

Armed with tons of mics, hardware, and software.  I can create the sound your game needs.  

Mixing and Mastering

I can take all the sounds and fit them together perfectly.  I can put the final polish on music and  make everything sound perfect.


After Creating all that audio, I can also bring it into your game via FMod or Wwise.

Sound Design





I've been involved with music since I was old enough to walk.  I grew up playing cello in the school orchestra and when I discovered the electric guitar, my life changed.  Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Eric Johnson were my idols and I wanted to play exactly like them.  My passion for guitar led me to getting a degree in it, and I moved all over the country gigging, working on cruise ships, and even being on a guitar midi designer on the mega-hit game Guitar Hero!  I went on to get a Technical degree for Recording at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, and my passion for recording, mixing, and mastering exploded.  I became obsessed with not only writing songs, but making them sound good.  For the past 8 years, I have fully committed myself to the art of mixing by consuming books, manuals, and videos.  Recently I've been involved with several indie projects, Mortal Kombat, and currently working as a QA audio tester at Harmonix Music for an upcoming game.  




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